Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 5.17.49 PMLast week was finals, this week: A small game to challenge your knowledge of the front/rear hit location charts. That is all for now.

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  1. pacrae says:

    Apparently, I have not spent enough time away from the game yet.

    That or I am really good at short term memorization.

    Apparently, I have not spent enough time away from the game yet.

  2. Kevin S says:

    Holy Carp. That is the first time I’ve actually felt confident in knowing where the hits went!!! Aside from 2,7,12,and for some reason, 9 and 10, i’ve always needed to consult the tables or my fellow gamers for hit locations. I think you’ve (indirectly?) hit on something that’s always hindered my gameplay before; data table visualization. I have a VERY difficult time bridging the gap between abstract numbers and mental visualizations. (for instance, i had to physically draw the construction dates on pictures of buildings to study for tests in school…making the window panes spell out 1973 and the like) I don’t think i’ve ever seen a physical representation of a mech with the hit-table locations drawn on, and now I daresay it’s finally clicked!

    Now do them for right/left side tables! If you could make something like this effective for ammo tables, i’ll be highly impressed. (also, I forgot that damage transfers to the next nearest location when limbs have been shot off…i thought it was broken for a bit :P )

  3. Kevin S says:

    Ok, me again. I find this little exercise game entirely too useful. If you were to do something like this for all the little/most utilized tables in the game, it would be a fantastic little intro/training tool for newbies!

  4. Ian says:

    Heh, I’m pleased you’re so pleased, but I can’t take too much praise for this. Supposedly the original 1st edition record sheets were designed as such. Not to mention that putting labels next to/on what you’re labeling is information design 101 (See Tufte). You’ll be happy to know that doing more information design oriented pieces is the long term agenda! ;)

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