Savannah Battletech First Meeting


Held at the lovely Gallery Espresso this afternoon. Several introductory skirmishes ranging from a brutal two round two head chops to a messy game of amputated cat and mouse. Know anyone down south? Send them to our facebook page!


Lost My Head

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In place of a real post, I give you an opportunity to purchase merch! What better way to adorn yourself than with abstract forms pulled from your favorite game and artfully (HA) composed on a perfectly…functional…accessory? Or better yet, DO BETTER (’cause I know you can ;) ) and post a link below!

(Ps. All fun and games, $0 markup.)


Personal Effects : Dark Arts


In case anyone has been wondering what Jordan Weisman and compay are up to over at Smith & Tinker, you might be interested in their semi-recent book Personal Effects: Dark Art; particularly if you were a fan of I Love Bees. This alternate reality…book… is a bit of a sci-fi horor mystery that extends beyond its pages into supplemental media both included and out in the world. Despite having worked on some tertiary pieces of project I haven’t picked through it yet. If you get a chance, let me know what you think in comments below!

Game Design

PDF Books On Sale

In case you missed it elsewhere , Catalyst Game Labs is offering reduced prices on various Battletech PDFs! Including, but not limited to:

Total Warfare: $15

TechManual: $15

Tactical Operation: $15

Strategic Operations: $15