You might know your side charts, but flipping between them every roll is harder than you think…

6 Responses to “Side Charts In Hit Location Game”

  1. EastwoodDC says:

    ;73% …. I think I failed. :-)

  2. Ian says:

    Ha, that’s about what I got my first time around. That switching back and forth is pretty rough. It might be a kindness (and a little more accurate to play) to make it stick to one chart for at least a few rolls.

  3. Kulchick says:

    The game is awesome, but I encountering some issues, seems that some locations don’t work right.
    Roll of 2 on left and right tables don’t count as a center torso.
    When right arm or right arm and right torso are destroyed, roll of 9 or 10 on left table does not count as a center torso., and roll of 6 on right table with both RA and RT destroyed does not counts as RL, but as CT.
    And there are few more issues with 3 or 7 on left table, 8 and 9 on front.

  4. Ian says:

    Thanks for the info, I’ll take a look. Though I’m pretty sure 2 on the side columns are the side torso locations…

  5. Kulchick says:

    You right about two’s, I actually learned hit locations form your game, so I didn’t noticed it is wrong here. But there still some bugs, I just found that with LL destroyed 11 on right table does not transfers to LT.

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