Fixed a number of bugs in the hit location game.

6 Responses to “Hit Location Game Fixes”

  1. EastwoodDC says:

    It sometimes rolls locations that have already faded out. Is it supposed to do that?

  2. Ian says:

    Yup. Though that does raise the question: “Why isn’t there a damage transfer diagram in there to explain this?”… Perhaps, to keep scope restrained, it should only roll locations that exist…hmm hmm…

  3. Kulchick says:

    Thanks so much for fixing it. Now most of the stuff works fine. The only bug I can observe is that when torso location is already destroyed, roll to arm will not be transferred properly to CT. I am not sure about how exactly your algorithm works, but may I suggest that you need to automatically set arm structure to zero whenever corresponding torso structure get destroyed. And please do not remove damage transfer from the game, it fits into the gameplay really nice.
    As for improvements, can you add a “new game” button to results screen, that would be quite convenient.

  4. Ian says:

    Good catch. It does check for missing sections, but a missing ‘else’ was letting the default arm result become the overriding result. Also found an animation issue when the unit is destroyed through the head. Lastly, the restarting was on the todo list, but since you asked, went a head and knocked that out too.

  5. Kulchick says:

    Great, now it works almost perfectly, but unfortunately I found another small bug: with LA destroyed, rolls 4 and 5 on left table are not transferred to LT.
    P.S. And same way when just RT and RA destroyes, roll 4 or 5 on the left table don’t work for LA.
    P.P.S. And roll of 3 doesnt work for RL if both torsoes are destroyed as well.
    (I thing that those bugs appear anly if I use “replay” button, but haven’t proved that yet.

  6. Ian says:

    Whew. Been a little busy.
    Thanks for the catches. Apologies for the irregularities.
    Made some fixes and some visual tweaks.

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