Couldn’t help but link to this setup by ‘ableman 33′ of

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  1. KaS says:

    Veeeeery nice i must say. I am particularly interested in his choice of caulk for the water elements. Not my first thought for that kind of thing since the stuff can be so damn sticky, and I can say from experience that you should probably wear a mask while laying on clear silicone caulk in any kind of thickness (those fumes are POWERFUL). But he made it work for him and it’s going to be a very durable material, especially on the waterfall bits. I think the biggest takeaway is that a piece of work like this is a long process. He kept improving it and making it better long after it got some serious play-time. Now if only i could motivate myself to keep at something like this for an after work hobby.

  2. Ian says:

    Probably helpful to have an outlet to use and show what you make. You just need to find or form a group to play with and you’ll be plenty motivated ;)

    Also, I miss my little respirator. Not having one handy puts a damper on slicing pink foam with a hot wire.

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