Sheets 2.0.6

Among other things, details about changes are now available in the changelog to which there is a now a link in the sheets interface.


Sheets 2.0.5

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.12.14 PM
Sheets update.

Added: Physical attacks listed in inventory.
Added: TSM damage included with swords and hatchets.
Fixed: Issue where equipment after MASC would be improperly bracketed.
Change: Missile damage listing now max-per-salvo instead of per missile.
Tweak: Crushing inventory damage letter-spacing to fit TSM values.
Tweak: Reduced inventory leading to accomidate more things.
Misc things unde the hood.

(I should really just move this all to GitHub. This work-ation is just a tech-debt bonanza.)


Sheets 2.0.4

Updated Sheets.

Starts on ‘blank’ sheet.
Added unit: BLANK.
Improved some text field size constancy.
Change: Mechs with single heat sinks no longer show heatsink capacity.
Change: No hands in armor diagrams for mechs without hands.

Tweaked toolbar: Preview images are now added by clicking portrait box; image upload button removed from toolbar; print button removed (can just use browser print)
Fixed: Image preview bug introduced in 2.0.2.


Sheets 2.0.1

Updated Sheets.

Added equipment bracketing.
Added permanent URLs for units. e.g.
Can now use browser’s navigate-back to go to previously opened sheet.
Fixed: Clan Narc Missile Beacon missing from inventory.
Fixed: Clan Narc ammo listed as Gauss ammo.
Added version details at bottom of sheet.


Sheets v2

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.25.15 AM

Made a new version of Sheets with SVG that should run in any browser (kinda). It’s not as polished as the old version, but, well, RIP Flash.

Bonus: You can drag an drop an image to set the mech/pilot picture and the printing is much clearer. (Except in Firefox. Sorry!)