iOS Hit Location Game beta

I have a stable version of the Hit Location Game for iOS.
If you’re interested in beta testing, shoot me an email: ian (at)


Gencon in photos



new camera

Picked up a Cannon Powershot for an absolute steal just before the New Year. Haven’t had time to shoot much though. Should come in pretty handy this week at Gencon

Lazy Sunday


New Shoes


As you can see, I’ve finally designed this place. A bit of a belated 1 year anniversary.  Thanks to some leeway with a school project I was able to set aside time to create something from scratch (instead of these unobjectionable, but rather generic templates). As I get up to speed with all things WordPress and keep staring at this I’ll be fleshing out and refining things here or there, so apologies for any dust. If you spot anything really off kilter, please toss me a screen shot and details (ian at For those using IE6 or earlier… please upgrade if you can. Contorting to satisfy to the idiosyncrasies of Microsoft’s browser is always such a headache. Though I will be doing my best to stamp out any related quirks in the coming weeks.


Player Survey Results : UPDATE

Results are in and can be viewed here. For graphs and charts go to Form > Show summary of responses (though it stopped working just now…). For the record this survey captures, if anything, the stats of a slice of the online Battletech community. In the future it’d be good to get some info on the people these individuals play with out in the real world.

I was a little surprised (and afterwards surprised I was surprised) at the dearth of younger and less experienced players. There’s any number of obvious  explanations for this so I’ll not conjecture too much. Suffice to say if you’re here (or out there) you’re probably experienced and there’s a good chance you’re responsible more often than not for running games.

Another note worthy item is the significant amount of people who play primarily online. As far as I know Megamek is the only venue for this.


PDF of results.