1:1000 Scale basic map progress

My new plywood template is alright. For the best results it’d definitely be best to screen print a grid on. At minimum, I’m pretty sure I could use a color that more complements the ‘burnt grass’. I decided to go with the browner surface to set the woods off a little, but it causes them to seem a little more artificial than I’d like. You can see the results of the previously mentioned warping foam core in the hills of the third image.


Atlanta, artificial media, delays.

Annie Clark. Photo by Tim Lampe

Annie Clark. Photo by Tim Lampe

I’m still on break, and am taking advantage of it with a in-progress trip to Atlanta spurred by a visit by talented and waifishly pretty Annie Clark (aka. St. Vincent ), who needs to be somehow paired up with Miranda July immediately so I can touch the sides of my eyebrows with the corners of my smile.

Classes – and official work on my thesis – begins in a week. To… celebrate (?)… in  future weeks I’ll be discussing the relations between ideas in this book and this essay, the latter of which is required reading for anyone interested in game design.

The terrain project is on a delay. After learning that using this on foam-core causes the wet side to shrink (dur) and the board to curl I acquired a Woodland scenics grass mat and quickly pieced up a pair of 17″x22″ surfaces with some spray-mount and an x-acto blade. Unfortunately my home made 8.5″x11″ hex pattern stencil needs replaced with one that covers more area and lays as flat as Ohio. Litko has stencils for purchase but not in the 1.25″ catholic variety which I’ve resolved to adhere to. Securing 1/32″ thick birch plywood was easy enough but cutting the holes is going to take a moment (or more accurately 250+ moments)… and possibly a drill.


Photos from the show by SCAD Advertising student Tim Lampe.


Thomas Doyle. Artist of Miniatures.

Acceptable Losses, Thomas Doyle, Mixed Media, 2008

"Acceptable Losses", Thomas Doyle, Mixed Media, 2008

I recently came across this and was so enchanted I had to re-post.  Doyle, with his encapsulated scenes, presents slices of imaginative – and occasionally dark – fragmentary dramas.

Artist’s statement from thomasdoyle.net:

My work mines the debris of memory through the creation of intricate worlds sculpted in 1:43 scale and smaller. Often sealed under glass, the works depict the remnants of things past—whether major, transformational experiences, or the quieter moments that resonate loudly throughout a life. In much the way the mind recalls events through the fog of time, the works distort reality through a warped and dreamlike lens.

The pieces’ radically reduced scales evoke feelings of omnipotence—as well as the visceral sensation of unbidden memory recall. Hovering above the glass, the viewer approaches these worlds as an all-seeing eye, looking down upon landscapes that dwarf and threaten the figures within.

Conversely, the private intensity of moments rendered in such a small scale draws the viewer in, allowing for the intimacy one might feel peering into a museum display case or dollhouse. Though surrounded by chaos, hazard, and longing, the figures’ faces betray little emotion, inviting viewers to lose themselves in these crucibles—and in the jumble of feelings and memories they elicit.

The glass itself contains and compresses the world within it, seeming to suspend time itself—with all its accompanying anguish, fear, and bliss. By sealing the works in this fashion, I hope to distill the debris of human experience down to single, fragile moments. Like blackboxes bobbing in the flotsam, these works wait for discovery, each an indelible record of human memory.


1:1000 Scale basic map (in progress)


img_0414So. Flocking Foamcore is a Bad Idea™ (What can I say, I work with screen media not this… atom based stuff). I’m in the process of trying to flatten out the sheets, but the outlook is not good. I can get pre-flocked paper stuff by the foot from a local hobby shop. It might be best to re-cut the ground level out of a single piece and mac-tac a flocked sheet to it. Then I can begin the adventure of Water Effects.

The wooded hexes have come along alright. 1/2″ flight pegs for the light woods and 3/4″ pegs for the heavies seem to work best. I’m wondering if a darker or burnt color for their bases might set the ‘trees’ in better relief. Also, I’m short 4 bases. Litko isn’t exactly super fast with turning around orders so baring other fixes this project might be a touch unfinished for a while.

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1:1000 Scale wooded hexes


img_0409Using some custom cut clear  hex bases and short clear flight pegs from Litko Aerosystems I figure I can make some hex tiles to go with my hex-map-scale scaled terrain. The flight pegs make picking up the ’tiles’ a breeze (when units move into them), and are almost invisible if you’re not looking for them. Also, A while back we found that the just the clear hex basis are great for marking building damage, just write on them with a marker and place on the map.