Painting Maps : Basic Map


I was playing a pickup game with a friend the other week when a mutual friend and illustration student started taking shots at the quality of our game materials, or more specifically our map sheet, crinkled and worn. Sure it’d seen better days but at least the art is…. actually,  I’m not even a fan of the art, and I never was. In fact, it’s about time I stopped being displeased and actually do something about it.

Here’s version 1.


New Shoes


As you can see, I’ve finally designed this place. A bit of a belated 1 year anniversary.  Thanks to some leeway with a school project I was able to set aside time to create something from scratch (instead of these unobjectionable, but rather generic templates). As I get up to speed with all things WordPress and keep staring at this I’ll be fleshing out and refining things here or there, so apologies for any dust. If you spot anything really off kilter, please toss me a screen shot and details (ian at For those using IE6 or earlier… please upgrade if you can. Contorting to satisfy to the idiosyncrasies of Microsoft’s browser is always such a headache. Though I will be doing my best to stamp out any related quirks in the coming weeks.