Sheets 2.0.1

Updated Sheets.

Added equipment bracketing.
Added permanent URLs for units. e.g.
Can now use browser’s navigate-back to go to previously opened sheet.
Fixed: Clan Narc Missile Beacon missing from inventory.
Fixed: Clan Narc ammo listed as Gauss ammo.
Added version details at bottom of sheet.


Sheets v2

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.25.15 AM

Made a new version of Sheets with SVG that should run in any browser (kinda). It’s not as polished as the old version, but, well, RIP Flash.

Bonus: You can drag an drop an image to set the mech/pilot picture and the printing is much clearer. (Except in Firefox. Sorry!)


Sheets Issues

one comment

Apparently Sheets isn’t behaving properly under some system configurations. Right now I have it working in Firefox and Chrome on Mac, but not Safari. Word is that it’s not working on PC. Until I can do more poking, let me know if you see anything weird.


Mech Images In Sheets


Thanks to Google’s image search API, Sheets will now include an image of the selected unit. This functionality isn’t fool proof, so erroneous images (or none at all) might show up. To compensate you can click on the image to cycle through a few results. Interface-wise there’s a new, small, control bar in the bottom right where the print and full screen commands can be found. Also, for those on a small screen, record sheets can be dragged around the screen in order to see all of their parts. Lastly, I’ve made a few fixes to a few weapon stats (IS AC5, Streak 6, and medium pulse laser).

On a side note, flash security measures prevent typing into text fields while a SWF is full screen, so if you move back to the unit list view Sheets will return to windowed mode. It’s a bummer, but there’s not much I can do about it at the moment…



Sheets Update: Ammo & Brackets: UPDATED

Updated: Included the preloader so you’re not staring at a blank screen while the swf and xml loads. Also removed the yellow hilighting around the record sheets (accessibility feature), and fixed an auto-centering bug.

This most recent revision includes equipment bracketing and ammo quantities, some small interface changes, and a few bug fixes and copy changes:

  • Stealth Armor, Targeting Computers, and one shot missile launchers now listed in equipment
  • Non critable items now 50% grey on printout
  • Clan Ultra 5 spelling corrected
  • Fanpro logo replaced with Catalyst Logo
  • Long names (ex. Autocannon 10 instead of AC/10) now used when possible for a variety of weapons & equipment.
  • Heavy Gauss Rifle damage in equipment list changed to 20*

Also, when a sheet is being shown, press ‘escape’ or ‘delete’ to return to the selection screen. Next update will focus on the interface and usability.

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